Thursday, December 28, 2006


Well, I don't know. I worked from home today and midway got fairly inspired to start the Norwegian Mittens. This is my first time with Fair Isle and also with mittens. Not sure if I'm setting myself up for failure but whatever. With a little help from my new Vogue Knitting book, I found it strangely easy. Cumbersome and not something to do mindlessly while watching Law and Order, but not hard. But something is just weird about it.

First, I am not sure I was great about the tension but nothing disastrous - but I didn't do an i-cord and the bottom is rolling up. I'm not sure if this can be fixed in blocking? (also not sure if that's something I can test mid-project). I guess I'll just carry on but think I may put it down for a bit and work on the Irish Hiking Scarf and my Hourglass. On the Marigold front, I did just order another ball of Lilac from Knitpicks and should hopefully finish up and wear it soon.

In other news (un "fair" as well), Hart and I went to see the Pistons play the Knicks last night. I haven't been so sports inspired since Michigan/Ohio State game, but thought this would be the kick I needed to get ready for the Rosebowl game. Who would have thought that the Pistons would lose? This had better not be a sign.

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