Wednesday, December 06, 2006

And we're off - to DR and to a Scarf

No knitpicks today and I can't bring the massive baby blanket to DR (no it's not done) but I can't wait to go!

While I simply can't envision knitting in 85 degree heat (never mind the stack of New Yorkers coming with me) I do have a 3 hour flight there and back so I am going to knit a fairly simple but fun scarf I found in Knit1. I bought this yarn awhile back and made little progress on a different scarf so I ripped it out and am starting new and fresh.

I love this yarn - it's white and creamy and very soft. it took me a very long time to take this out because it's fuzzy but bless john's mom for getting me a yarn winder.

I'm going to knit the Ruffler Neck Warmer from the Nov/Dec 2005 issue of Vogues Knit1. There are no links for either finished stuff or from the Knit1 site for this so I'm being ghetto and taking a picture of the magazine. Hopefully this doesn't constitue any copyright infringement...

Anyway, I'm really excited to head out. Work has been relentless and John and I are fofeiting our usual trips to places that require attention and exploration - it's a big step but i only have a few vacation days left and we are doing the whole "we deserve it" thing. Plus we are bringing 4 bottles of wine with us (our demands for menus pre-book showed a fantastic steal of $15 for one corona and no, we can't go into town to buy from a bodega as we're 10 miles from civilization), netflix, and a deck of cards. we're good to go.

I'm ready for 5 full days on the beach - reading New Yorkers and tackling my book club book of Winesburg, Ohio along with Kiterunner, which I started and then forced myself to stop so I could save it for this trip.

Okay - off for now. John just walked in from a day in Boston. I love the night before vacation. We just opened a bottle of champagne, ordered from Il Bagato and gave each other a hard time for packing to much (me) or too little (him).

hope that a) i will be showing of said scarf next time and b) i will be showing off knit picks gorgeous yarn (er, yes, there will be screaming if it's not at my door 5 days from now) and c) i will be sporting a tan to make all jealous (except for my mom as she'll be pissed and holler about skin cancer, and myself should be included, as i'll be pissed at myself 3 days later for those same reasons).

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