Tuesday, December 05, 2006

almost done - ready for more

good and bad news to report.

Very very bad news is that I am terrible with this camera business. My house isn’t that dark and while it's past 8pm, i have a lamp over the work and the ceiling light as well– do I need to take my work outside? Going to need to figure this out because as someone who is highly dependent on fantastic picture taking on other blogs – this simply isn’t cutting it. So sorry for the darkness.

the full shot

the folded shot

the beauty shot

the good news is that i made my debut as a knit and driver (passenger side, of course). i had tried this once before but ended up very car sick. i am incredibly determined to finish this baby blanket and took in on the road on route to an offsite in NJ. It was great and I got tons of rows done.

the bad news comes in several hands. while the knit and drive all worked out, unfortunately got to the garter stich border finale as i was almost home and remembered how much i hate doing this. the result is gorgeous but it's very tedious for me.

i'm not feeling very zimmerman at this point as i just want it done. i'm not sure i'll finish before i leave for Dominican Republic bc the border takes me so long (20 rows of @120 stiches = 3 1/2 hours).

the other bad news is that i didn't receive my knit picks package today. i guess i should be patient but i'm just really disappointed. it's been 12 days. shame on me but net net, my learning is to not depend on ordered yarn to start a new project. This is probably one of those things i'll look back a year from now and be like "so typical". Whatever, just because yarn is a little more diy doesn't mean they shouldn't be agressive on shipping. if anything, knitters are more demanding.

and i'm willing to go back for more. my mom is going to buy me some yarn from knitpicks for xmas- i'm going to order stuff for the hourglass and the norweigen mittens (yes, i'm being waaaay too optimistic but i’ve fallen in love and one always pursues things they are simply not ready for) and per their holiday instructions - the order will be placed by 12/7 at 12noon! so excited!

So while the pictures are gloomy, above is my (big bad) baby blanket so far - almost done!

hope to have a final picture tomorrow - all blocked! i'll wash it up and dry it up while packing for DR!!!

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