Monday, January 01, 2007

Monday Night Lights

Couldn't have been happier about the close of another year - at 5pm on Friday we pulled together a last minute New Years party and it was tons of fun. For New Yorkers spending New Years in the city, there is nothing more dreadful than figuring out plans. Going to random parties or bars or god forbid, Time Square, is not at all exciting, and this year many of us were in denial about setting a plan in motion.

For the first time in my life I live in an apartment that it conducive to entertaining and we've made the most of it. Having friends over is one of my favorite things - whether it's a night of ordering Lombardi's and playing cards with a few friends, hosting every single Michigan game or having an all out serious party. Last night we had about 20 people over and it wasn't our usual homogeneous crew (like all our Michigan friends, all our b-school friends, etc). Lots of little pockets who all connected beautifully when pulled together. I couldn't have been more pleased. Thank god all of my friends are extroverts.

And onward.

So as we closed 2006 with friends at our house, we are opening 2007 in the same way but with a less than exciting result. No more than 2 hours ago did the Rose Bowl end, and while I was nervous going in and honestly was not sure how it would end, I certainly did not expect the outcome. It was much more devastating than anticipated. Even so, it was great to have the Wolverine regulars over - sporting maize and blue shirts, running around, screaming, postulating and getting excited. It didn't turn out the way we had hoped and while the above shot is not from today's game, this picture does remain the best picture of the year.

we have a dwindling crowd but a few still here. the remainders include 5 guys, drinking whiskey and shuffling cards. interestingly they have taken a strong interest in my knitting (i did keep going with my irish hiking scarf until 5pm kick off) and are now probing me for info on my blog. one of them, the said lawyer- book reading maniac immediately spotted the blogger screen and tried to find out my url. i guess i'm just not ready to take this public but for what its worth, i am sharing his (edit: he told me he could find me out if i linked to him - so not happening).


i am excited to write them and i have them in my head. i just need to make sure i prioritize and not bite off more than i can chew

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