Monday, December 18, 2006

good and bad

well, today was a good day - got my approval to spend money my salary x a lot on machinery that will make my new products, and got approval on the packaging for said products.

i am feeling the need for a picture and here it is - our glorious DR vacation. if anyone wants to know details let me know- i can't even describe how amazing this trip, country, people, hotel, experience was.

but....i have no pictures on ms. marigold. but i tried it on and a little concerned. when Hart saw me knitting it up - he was in awe of my skills, but did comment that, well, it looked a little small. i tried it on and well, it just seems a little small. i tried it on with just my bra on and well, i saw a lot of bra. this is my first sweater and i'm about 3/4 through and it's been a week. if it doesn't work out - the commitment was low and it was fun. i immediately implemented "tip 2" on how to increase to account for the natural curve of a woman's body - we'll see how it goes.

two learnings are:

a) banana republic resizing may have finally caught up with me - i followed the directions for my bust size (as it's written) but all these companies have turned 8's into 4s and well..

b) perhaps my tight knitting is finally catching up with me. my nails digging into my palms was clearly not enough - but once it effects the project outcome, it is an issue that needs addressing.

finally - i am frightened of the finishing - picking up stitches along the front and knitting them in rib.
i've done this once before on the now damned, never worn, destined to be unwound and recycled poncho, but i have no idea how that happened, as it happened a year ago.

Double finally- which may pertain to first finally- I may go to Stich N Bitch tomorrow night. I am nervous about this. I'm usually really great about new environments but for whatever reason I'm just nervous. will report

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