Monday, December 25, 2006


There has been a lot of hunting and gathering on the knitting front. Been knitting Ms Marigold like a maniac but on Thursday realized that I was running out of yarn - likely due to tails that are way too long, and the fact that I made it longer than pattern called for. Learning Learning. I had been eye-ing the Irish Hiking Scarf all week - first spotted on Abundance of Lisa - and have been really excited to try my first cables. Been hearing a lot about Malabrigo so on Friday I headed to Downtown Yarns to buy some.

It was a great Friday. Hart and I both had the day off and after we went to store we came home, watched movies, packed for the weekend and I started the scarf. Been home in Massachusetts all weekend and have made some progress. I love this pattern and love this yarn. It is so warm, soft and squishy.

Today is Christmas and I was so excited to finally get my hands on all the knitting goodies my Mom got me. I was also really excited to give my mom her new digital camera so I could snatch it and take all these pictures. I normally use Hart's camera and we just need to internalize that we need a new one. Yes we were early adopters and bought one 5 years ago but it's like Atari now.

Anyway - I received Knitpicks Andean Silk in Orange for my Hour Glass Sweater. I love the color and can hopefully pull it off before the winter is over - although it's not really feeling so winter anyway.

I also received Knitting Around, and some Knitpicks Telemark for Norweigen Mittens! I've been really looking forward to starting these - although I'm a little nervous after reading the pattern.

The funny part of this is that after we ate (me tofurkey, everyone else turkey) and entered our food comas, my mom got totally absorbed in Knitting Around. She skipped all the knitting stuff and went straight to the "Digressions". Even non-knitters fall in love with EZ.

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may said...

your irish hiking scarf looks sooo yummy! great color too....i love malabrigo...mmm