Saturday, August 05, 2006

productive day and electric cars

Today was a very productive day - maybe like an 8 on a scale of 10. mind you a 5 or 6 consists of having brunch, going in to at least 1 store and meeting out for dinner. er, i'm not very productive.

Jeesh, I need a name for him but I have commitment issues. I'm calling him Palermo going forward - at least for now. So Palermo is a planner. I got up this morning, drank ice coffee and smoked cigarettes (no, it's not over yet) and puddled around on the computer. He worked diligently on the couch, with his computer. As I came nearer to him, he blocked the screen saying he was planning our day and instructed me to take a shower.

I get out - he's on his way in and tells me to check my email - there is an itinerary with options. I hate options. I hate getting a list of 7 restaurants to choose from.

Anyway- there was lunch, movie and dinner on there. sooo productive!!!

point of this is that we went to Angelika and saw "who killed the electric car?". this is a fascinating movie. it's about the launch of an electric car in the early 90's and the demise of it - who is to blame, what happened, etc. it is amazing. the most crazy part to me is that there were a ton of these cars on the market, waiting lists to get them, celebrity endorsements up the wazoo, and they were not only discontinued- but the car manufacturers actively pulled them all of the road and destroyed them. didn't let them die a natural death - they went to people's houses and collected them.

also interesting and enlightening to me (again, i read and let Palermo update me on any important issues from the Economist) is that this whole Hydrogen bullshit is like 20 years away and is actually not that efficient.

i need to see this "an inconvenient truth" movie that Palermo, lawyer blogger and everyone else is talking about. I still stand by my opinion that no matter how smart he is, Gore is doomed in an '08 election, but I'm starting to wonder....