Monday, February 26, 2007

Remember Me?

Dear Katyaflutes,

I remember when you didn’t know how to knit and you looked at me longingly in Last Minute Knitted Gifts.
You said I was too hard, but then you tried Ms. Marigold and you were willing to give me a shot. You casted on, you got pretty far a long, started one of my sleeves in fact. You were so, well, into me, that you (were stupid to forfeit the obvious DPNs and instead you) invested in a 12 inch circular needle to do my sleeves.

But then you got greedy. You saw the Central Park Hoodie about the same time that you finished your Irish Hiking Scarf. I knew it was deadly but didn't think you'd put two and two together. But you did - Gorgeous sweater plus cables (which you now know how to do) = betrayal. Then you went and joined that KAL.

I just want to remind you of the fact that until either you or Hart get home from work before 8pm (and I’m sick of you whining about that), you’re not going to take any decent pictures of CPH. I also want to remind you that you were smart enough to take pictures of me when it was bright out. You're not Brooklyntweed, okay? You need light and the stars to line up (and a new camera already, right?)

And man, look at how gorgeous I am. I'm orange, I'm bright, I'm soft and let's be honest - you were smart enough to have seen an Inconvenient Truth. Yes it is sort of still cold but at this record, that CPH is only going to suit you for a short while longer. You need me.
You don’t know what you’re missing.


Dear Hourglass,

Point taken. I’m back.


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