Wednesday, February 07, 2007

wishing i was in central park

What a b.a.d. week. Last week, that is. Remember when i went skiing two weekends ago knowing that my entire strategy plan was due? Yeh, we'll i didn't work on it in VT and paid for it dearly.

Things settled down over the weekend but at this very moment, I'm in the glorious state of:
I do have some progress to show on Central Park Hoodie. Bad shadow action on the picture, but you get the idea. As of this shot, I had the back done and almost the entire front left finished.

Better news is that i am almost finished with the right side, thanks to my 3 1/2 hour flight from NY to Arkansas this afternoon. When packing last night I probably devoted as much time to knitting project packing as I did to clothing, etc. While I tried to remember everything, I noticed on the plane that I forgot my size 6 needles, which are required for the cuffs/edging on everything to do with this sweater. So basically my 7 hour trip back tomorrow (you'd think they'd have more direct flights to Walmart-ville!) which was was to be entirely devoted to CPH must now be devoted to the sleeve of my Hourglass Sweater, which is feeling fairly neglected these days.

And finally, check out this hot window!

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