Monday, February 19, 2007

Stopping and Starting

Today is a somewhat big day for me. Every day in this journey is “big” but today is an anniversary. It is 6 weeks sans cigarettes.

I remember on January 1st saying that I wanted to pull together a resolution list. That I would post it shortly…but I never did. Part of why I never did was that quitting smoking would be #1 and I just was scared that like usual, I would break it immediately and feel like a total failure. I now feel that I’ve got this under my belt and I’m now ready to actually pull together a list. It’s funny that with the smoking thing out of the way, I am excited about making a list of “resolutions”. I see resolutions as opportunities, and I do not look at them with dread. I’ve always been pro-self improvement and with the weight of this lifted, I seriously feel that I can do pretty much anything. Within reason, of course.

This now brings me to getting healthier in other ways. I want to start exercising and I want to love it. And for real, I want to start cooking. I am a planner and I will sit down and come up with a plan, detailed, with goals and milestones. This may sound weird but because I neither exercise nor cook, it actually requires planning.

Finally, knitting is actually incredibly helpful in this entire process, and along with all the other fun and exciting reasons to knit, keeping my hands busy with sticks and yarn has been a godsend for keeping me occupied.
And for this, I bring you my latest progress on my CPH. I had really hoped to have finished this over the weekend but well, blocking takes a long time and since it was a bottleneck in starting the hood, it just didn’t happen.

So happy anniversary to me. I am very proud of you.

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