Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Iced Tea

I have just finished the back and I love this sweater. I had a healthy start last weekend when I was on a gorgeous lake at my friend’s house in CT. It was me, Hart and 2 of our other friends visiting and it was a weekend of relaxation. It was gorgeous out and we usually spend all day swimming and tubing on his boat, drinking and eating – yet with all the Harry Potter mania (we actually seriously could not find our host nor his parents as they were in hiding with their books), it was a full day of knitting – plus a great run.

Here is the back of my Dollar and a Half Cardigan.

Other than that there has been a whole lot of busyness – not much of which is worth blogging about but is unbearably time consuming. Work, for one, which I’m starting to hate. Actually that’s kind of it outside of admin stuff of buying plane tickets and making hotel reservations for the FIVE weddings we have in the next couple of months.
I am excited for all equally but am super psyched for the two Indian weddings (I’ve never been to one! I need *outfits*) and sigh in bliss- the one in Ibiza that Hart and I (and 3 other couples) have turned into a villa rental for one week. The only, but pretty severe, downside is that many of these weddings fall on weekends of Michigan football games. I wasn’t a heavy blogger during last season but may want to prepare yourself as this may be discussed heavily starting September. Hart and I plan around these games and with Ibiza, we are leaving way later (and perhaps paying more for airfare) so we can see the Penn State game. We have scoured websites for bars at JFK and may literally check in and drive to a close by sportsbar in Queens. Of all things, I can’t imagine anyone would have a recommendation, but if you do, I need it.

One of the cooler things I have seen, and was gifted just today is this:

My friend Elf-friend (her name is almost that phonetically – and was created by her dad using a random letter program – how cool) has the angel one and I cried in jealousy when I saw it but she got it in Japan. She just went again last week and I got both the devil and the angel! Love!

Regarding the sweater, I’m glad I did my homework in advance but of course there were some hiccups – nothing major thank god. The lace pattern, while easy once you’ve got the rhythm, is not something htat can be worked on mindlessly while having deep conversations with your friends. Therefore, there was a bit of minor ripping – but minor.

My only mistake that I discovered only just a bit ago, when shaping for the arm holes, is that selvedge stiches are maintained in the reverse stockinette. So when you start a row of purls, you need to start and end with a knit. While it would probably be easier on me had I done that when seaming time occurs, it’s not worth ripping out for. Finally, one thing that keeps happening is that when I start the lace pattern, I have 87 stiches, yet I end with 86. I have been diligently following the work to see if I missed something but it keeps happening. Fortunately it has no impact on my lace work so I end up adding a stich during stockinette. God, I hope that doesn’t come back to bit me.

One final thing. My very VERY best friend BP is having a baby. Holy cripes I can’t believe it – it makes me want to cry every time I think about it. I made a Big Bad Baby Blanket (my 4th, actually) and I have been just saving it. It’s been so long that I actually considered just holding onto it for whenever it is I have a kid. It’s hers now and I am so happy about that. BUT – that was created awhile ago and I am so into finding new little things I can knit for him/her. I just need to find things suitable for a hot baby with hot hipster parents who live in LA.


Macoco said...

The cardigan is coming along nicely! I loooooove the ipod(?) cover, so cute.

rachel iufer said...

your dollar and a half cardigan is going to be so cute! the yarn looks so nice too....mmmmm....