Monday, March 12, 2007

sneak peeks and more

Sneak Peeks
sneak previews are now available online for vogue knitting and knit1

vogue, eh. not really exciting. but am kind of liking this sweater, in the exact role that it's playing here- on top of a black dress.
Knit1, to me is way more promising. If there is a sock that is going to force me to jump on the bandwagon, it is this pair.
sans weird ribbon and fly swatter, i'm into this thing below. let's hope she's just ultra boney and there are no shoulder pads involved.

I'm in the home stretch of Hourglass and I'm not sure what's next. There are a lot of things out there but I guess it's just a matter of choosing. Plus, I want something I'm passionate about, like how I felt about CPH, and I'm not feeling it. Outside of random hat from last post and the Demi, plus those above, I am somewhat into Rusted Root. The only thing is that I need a pep talk - required layering (as said sweater definitely requires it) is a lot of work for me.

What I'm REALLY getting into is sewing opportunities.

Er, HELLO? is this amazing or what?Those dresses are amazing. Given the fact that I, er, own/bought a Miu Miu dress that looks like the one on the right makes me, well, a little nauseaus.
I will definitely get in trouble if I come home with a sewing machine.
Finally, thanks to Parikha I have been shown the light on above sewing and have been introduced to this amazing vegetarian cooking site, which is genius. More to come on that.

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Macoco said...

Those socks are really great - I'll have to check out the pattern as well.

I'm almost done my hourglass sweater too - and I don't know what I want to knit next either.