Sunday, July 20, 2008

Winter Knits in 100 degree weather

There’s nothing like the combination of getting over a chest cold, having the apt to yourself bc your b-friend is out of town, and it being 100 degrees outside to get you focused on a project. Today (and a good chunk of yesterday) was knitting extravaganza in my household.

I had two things on the agenda: to knit Demi and to weave in ends/ block my Minimalist Cardigan. This whole thing started at 1pm and I had a very specific plan. With the aid of NPR, I would knit Demi until 4pm and then start the Mini Cardigan work.

I tell you, Demi is a bear, but a really sweet one. I really am excited about this project, but I wouldn’t call it the most joyous of knit experiences. I’m actually a moderately fast knitter but as mentioned before, at least for me, this requires full attention. It’s getting SO much easier than when I started, but I’m still clocking a 10 -15 minute row depending on it being a WS (10) or RS (15). I know, that’s weird – anyone else ever do that? So if you saw my last pictures (I haven’t knit since), this is what I accomplished in 4 hours. Not much but progress nonetheless.

I have a very specific vision for Demi. When I saw the picture in Vintage Knits – and then all the glorious FOs on Ravelry - I immediately thought that this would be a classic pullover that I could keep and wear forever. It would be for cold winter nights and ski trips and I don’t know, it’s no EZ classic but I kind of have visions of handing her down. It’s this vision that is my motivation.

Anyway, I stopped at 4pm. Again, being weird, I’m very specific like that – but I think only with projects that are a) hard and b) are in the end weaving/blocking process. Both of which I was dealing with.

Anyway – I am SO excited with Mini Cardigan’s blocking status!

I looked back and I think I finished this 6 months ago. I don’t know what it is but I just stall at the finishing stage, at least lately. I loathe this part. It’s a process, right? At least for me it is but I’m starting to think I make things harder on myself than necessary. I always seam it up pre-block, using some contrast color. And then I inspect it for a few days – determining if things need to be lengthened during blocking, or seeing which areas need to be smoothed out. And then I get all mathematical and draw diagrams about blocking dimensions. Maybe if I just chilled I would not have sweaters sitting in WIP piles.

I wished that I loved summer knits because I think I need another project to switch off with Demi. Have you seen Jared’s squishy blanket? Love…..

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