Thursday, April 05, 2007

Who's on a roll?

Another from Veggie Meal Plans (let's recap that while this may be boring - you're talking to a lady who cooks no more than 2 times a year. just humor me)
Been thinking about this recipe for awhile. Went to my new best friend's place to shop, and spent $14.85 on enough for 8 - at least 50% of which was organic. How amazing is that?

Honestly, I have been knitting. She's just not ready for debut yet.


carrie said...

oh wow, thanks for the recipe! that looks fabulous and super healthy. i would probably make enough for eight, tho, and eat it all myself.

chickadee said...

I'm thrilled you have been cooking and enjoying your meals. The pasta looks great and I'm jealous of your kitchen! Love your knitting, too. Beautiful work. :)

chickadee said...

ps. $14.85 for eight servings with half organic ingredients ... WOW! Awesome!!