Wednesday, January 19, 2005

start now.

So it's 2005 and I've made a lot of promises. I'm due to quit smoking at some point - perhaps about 19 days ago. I was also due to join a gym but since that was directly tied to quitting smoking (to combat all of the excessive eating to come with quitting- which hasn't occurred) I haven't done that either.

But one promise was to definitely start one of this bloggy things. Not quite certain why since I don't read any one elses. Maybe because I used to do a zine and I liked when kids would write to me - it made me feel important or something. And of course to make Mr. Curio mad. On December 3rd Mr. Curio and I talked about starting blogs and we both promised (competitively of course) that we would start blogs first. Today he emailed me a link to his blog and he beat me. So not happy but since he hasn't really written anything, he doesn't really beat me.

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